Articles by Maura Boughter Dornfeld, MPH


Public Health & Policy: Decision-Making Driven by Equitable Health

Discover the intricacies of public health policy as we cover key terms like 'epidemiology,' 'biostatistics,' and 'health policy.' Gain insights into the dynamic world of public health and understand where you fit within its vast landscape.

One Year MPH Programs: An Accelerated Master of Public Health Graduate Degree

Here, we hope to provide a paradigm to help navigate this decision and go deeper into what makes an accelerated, one year MPH appealing.

Master of Science Public Health (MSPH) or A Master of Public Health (MPH)?: Which is the right degree for you?

The difference between an MSPH and an MPH can be clearly delineated, fitting differently into the scope of what might come next for you. This article will explore which degree might be more appropriate for your needs and next steps.

Master of Public Health Specializations: What are they and how should you navigate the decision?

In this article, we provide readers with an overview and our take on common specializations, including what coursework would look like and career options. 

What Areas Exist Within Public Health, Where to Start, And Where Do You Fit In?

Given the broad applicability of an MPH or other professional public health degree (including an undergraduate public health major), there are a multitude of avenues one might be interested in when drawn to public health. 

Public Health Skills: Attributes For Success As A Public Health Professional

In this article, we aim to outline some key skillsets that would be beneficial to individuals within all avenues of public health and will ideally support sustaining one’s role within the field.