Articles by Julia Sturtz


Health Without Borders: Becoming a Global Health Specialist

In this article, readers will learn what a global health specialist is, what educational background they possess, what key skills they carry, what challenges they face, and how and where they build careers.

Exploring Virginia’s MPH Landscape: A Guide for Prospective Students

In this article, readers will gain in-depth knowledge about the reasons for pursuing an MPH in Virginia.

An Introduction to Environmental Health Science in Public Health

In this article, we explore the intersection of public health and the study of environmental health science particularly with regard to environmental justice and environmental epidemiology.

Introduction to Public Health Nutrition and Career Insights

Public health nutrition examines the ways in which diet impacts health at a population level. Thus, it works to assess cultural and socioeconomic factors that affect nutritional well-being in communities. Ensuring adequate nutrition is critical to promoting improved health outcomes, making nutrition a necessary focal point for the field of public health.