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The Best MPH Program For You: A Guide for your Evaluation and Selection Process

A Master of Public Health degree will prepare you to fill critical needs in a variety of settings to improve well-being. Trained public health professionals are needed to investigate the origins of disease and disease outbreaks and treatments, design public health programs and communications campaigns, write and consult on policies, and educate the public on health topics, among countless other essential functions that keep our health system functioning.

MPH Scholarships: A Guide for Public Health Students

This article explains need-based compared to merit aid, various graduate assistantship programs available to MPH students and tips for applying to scholarships, and provides a list of MPH scholarships students may consider and other considerations in paying for an MPH program.

What is CEPH accreditation?

Students who graduate from an accredited program can be assured they have the essential skills needed for their profession. Learn more about CEPH accreditation and discover accredited MPH programs.